9 years old, in charge of the peddler

The Brand ‘Hasan Usta’ has a successful background of Hasan Oral who was a boy serving cold water and ayran at Celal Usta’s Kebab peddler which he started to work when he was yet 9.

This successful story started when the master stabbing the ground meat did not go to work, and when Celal Usta realized Hasan Oral’s willingness and self-confident, which is when Hasan Oral took the responsibility for the master with the aim of helping Celal Usta and stabbed the ground meat.

Having worked with a great ambition in Celal Usta’s peddler by improving himself, Hasan Oral had to leave the job because of eye-borne illness and started to sell chestnut to earn money, but he was not satisfied with his novice job.

After one year, he decided to end selling chestnut and create his own kebap peddler.

Due to the fact that he was in love with his job at which he met 9 years old , and for this reason, he wanted to have a kebab shop, yet he did not want to work as an employee again. In 1992, he wanted to become a partner with his friend having a peddler of his own, and thus he took the first step to set up his own business.

With a passion like the burning of the sun.

People starting to bring their wives, fellows and friends brought into prominence the name of 'Hasan Oral' all around the town Adana because they enjoyed watching Hasan Oral's thrill at kebab peddler, who roasted the kebab as if he was embroidering because of his love for his job and worked till three p.m from nine a.m with a huge willingness in his own job he started.

With a taste enamouring

In a short time, thanks to his flavor which gained fame around the town Adana and his serving sincerely,the number he reached approximately in a week by serving one thousand people at Hasan Oral’s own kebab peddler was geting rising day by day.

Hasan Oral who bought a new car in 3 months and replaced his old peddler with a new one and could meet the needs of his house determined his new goal at the end of the fourth month when he was working at his own job.

To set up a food shop in Seyhan where he grew up working as a peddler.

We have been growing up…

In 1998, when Hasan Oral opened his dream kebab shop with the desire of creating a shop which suits his customers, beloved ones and tastes, he opened the shop for customers in a short time, which he set up this shop which he bought by investing his all saving.

As a result of a huge interest which he gained throughout the first five years in his first shop, Hasan Oral, who was in a position in which he could not respond his customers’ wishes, opened a new shop,too and started to serve 2000 people in a day with 110 employees. When the time is 2004, Hasan Oral who decided to open a new branch in İstanbul due to his hometown friends’ massive pressure living in İstanbul took the first step to become a national brand by opening his third branch in Istanbul in the same year.

Today, with a team of 200 people, the taste that has been on the climax for 30 years and the pride given to the definition of the Adana Kebab as the climax, the brand ‘Hasan Usta’ which is made together by Hasan Oral’s big brother Şakir Oral and the other siblings working day and night ,and continuing to serve more than 4000 people in a day is emphatically on the way to become the national pride of Adana.

The values that makes who we are

  • To make the best of our job in each process
  • To be perfect not only in taste but also in service
  • To supply the meat needed only from the same kind sheep
  • To use the best quality products in the market that we need except meat
  • Continuing quality assurance in the whole process from production to consumption
  • Not to deceive people but to support our colleagues
  • To be honour of our customers by joining social responsibility projects

Tutku dolu hedefler.

  • To introduce Adana Kebab to the whole world
  • To support our producers to maintain the flavor of our meat.
  • To train new masters to immortalize Adana Kebab
  • To contribute to the budget of Adana and Turkey
  • To be the source of inspiration for the colleagues in our sector
  • To share success and profit by growing with the franchise system

Special products

We owe our popularity, which is about being loved and preferred the most and known almost all over the country, to our standard flavor variation in every product from Adana Kebab to salad in a city which gives the name of kebab to kebab and has lots of kebab shops on every street. Our special products, which arise from the combination of our superior quality materials, which are the gifts of nature, and our talents, which are the gifts of Allah, are indispensable for our customers who make who we are.